The Windsor Essex Penninsula

A New Perspective On Active Retirment Living:

The Windsor Essex Penninsula is becoming the hot, new destination for the 50 plus market. Discover the benefits of the country's southermost region!

- Southern Ontario boasts mild winters, and long summers. Kingsville sits at approximately the same latitude as Northern California -- it's the mild winters that make Kingsville on of the most deisrable places to live.

- Real Estate prices are 30-50% less in this area than other parts of Ontario -- which makes it a 'hot spot' for retirees looking to downsize and pocket the rest, or purchase another home down south where it's even warmer!

- A treasure for recreational & outdoor activity: Bike trails, hiking trails, Point Pelee National Park, Lake Erie, Detroit Riverfront, & more!

- Awesome entertainement festivals, dining, etc.: With many festivals throughout the year (ranging from tree lighting cermenonies, to food & wine festivals) -- there's surely something for everyone!

- Three exceptional hospitals, & 20 long-term care facilities

- Quick, easy commutes for city & country living: easy access to all major highways

- Just minutes from Metro Detroit & southeast Michigan: Via the tunnel, or Ambassador bridge

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